Choosing a Fitness Program that is Right for You

Often, deciding on a group fitness program is a difficult task. We always make a cost-benefit analysis in our minds when choosing many things in life. In other words, this also means we’re inclined to selecting a product or service that gets us the most benefits for the lowest price possible. Eventually, however, it usually comes down to the following question: are you getting your money’s worth? In the fitness world, this is no different. Some of us have at some point worked out somewhere we didn’t feel in sync with our goals and personalities, so we changed places or even gave up on our long longed fitness journey after deciding to show up every week wasn’t worth the struggle anymore.

What can you do to find a program that changes the way you look and feel, but most importantly, becomes something you look forward to doing instead of making up an excuse and staying home? Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the right program

1 – Is the program catered to your personal needs and body? Just like everyone has their preferences when it comes to anything in life, so do they have different goals. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, perhaps you’re trying to gain weight, or perhaps you have one specific goal you want to attain, as unusual as it might be. A good program has to take that into account, and also your own body, not someone else’s or an average or prototypical body. We all come in different shapes; we have a different body composition, body fat, weight, etc. A program that doesn’t consider your needs in the equation is doomed to fail, dragging you down in the process.

2 – Do the coaches watch you and teach proper form and technique? One of the things gym goers hate the most and becomes a turn off is when you feel no one is watching you. Am I even doing this exercise, right? This leads to a lack of motivation and feels you are not getting the best bang for your buck and is, at best, inconsiderate. The best way to know this is by signing up for a trial and watching how the trainers behave with everyone at the gym.

3 – Is there a follow up to your progress with your trainer?
This is key. You need to know where you are to keep smashing your goals and progressing. It happens that you may be making a lot of progress day after day, but since we tend to be critical with ourselves and often impatient, we don’t see it and give up, throwing out all our hard work out the window.

4 – Does the workout group have a friendly, easy-going and supporting vibe?
Sometimes it is as essential to have a sense of belonging and workout in a place you feel is a community as what you do. Just like when you go out with a group of friends or your family, you know you’re pushed to make the best of your time in a positive environment where you feel at ease and without pressure.

5- Is the gym organised and clean?
Not much to say here. A lack of organization and care says lot about a place and should be a deal-breaker.

6- Is the equipment well maintained and high-quality?
This is important not only because of your workout results and safety, but it’s linked with the previous point. A gym that has good equipment sends a signal that the rest is being well maintained too and up to date with the gym people’s needs.

7- Do the coaches seem passionate about their job and helpful?
Your gym coach may have countless qualifications, but it is one thing to possess the knowledge and another to be passionate and dedicated to one’s job. Just like many degrees don’t make a teacher good, many qualifications don’t necessarily make someone an excellent trainer. Qualifications are a must, but so is feeling one is looked after and cared for and not just a source of revenue. This, of course, goes for any business.

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