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6 Week Nutrition Program

Project You has given me the know how to successfully prepare healthy meals in advance to save time through my busy week so I don’t end up eating takeaway meals. – Jen

Jo has lost 20kg & continues with project YOU

Do any of these resonate with you?

“What should I eat? How much? Should I be eating this to reach my goal? Maybe I shouldn’t…”

“My prime has gone & I won’t be able to get back to my good old days, age is slowing me down”

“I’m never going to lose the baby weight, nothing is working” (low carb, keto, high protein)


When members start training at Hi Reps Fitness, there is a triangle of main goals all their other goals derive from

Getting fit

Staying healthy

Losing stubborn weight

Making room for exercising in a person’s lifestyle and cutting back on unhealthy eating habits can see their weight drop and a much more positive attitude towards their potential as individuals and their confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, the only thing that is needed is for you to continue with a consistent training program that incorporates all over body resistance training with cardio and a good eating program. Subsequently, the results speak for themselves.

However, this is unfortunately not always the case. It often happens that some people will slug it out day after day training, take up some type of diet on their own and…not see the results they so deserve. When this happens, members reach out for some extra guidance/advise on their nutrition. That’s where our Project YOU nutrition program comes in.

There are a couple of things you should know before we delve into this effective program.

What this program is NOT:  

This program is NOT your usual 8-week low-carb diet.

It is NOT an intermittent fasting program.

It will NOT see you detoxing in your first few days or suffering from headaches due to lack of nutritious food. 

No! This is not our definition of helping out our members. Getting the results you want should not be going to extremes or eating like a rabbit

What this program IS:

Our 6-week program educates our members on nutrition while debunking myths, false news and (mis)information that get passed around to no end.

Helping you out is letting you know that:

Consuming carbs is NOT bad for you.

Consuming fat is NOT bad for you.

You can have your chocolate/coffee daily and still get the results you desire. 

This program is catered to each individual – their likes/dislikes, what their genetic makeup is, what macronutrients they require (as every person is different) It is based on their own goals, how often they train & other factors that influence the type of dietary regime to be designed. 

To achieve this, I take the time to sit down with each participant before the beginning of the program. You get up to six weeks of personalised meal plans that you are able to change depending on your preferences. And there is more.

Over these six weeks, you will have learning activities to complete depending on your type of journey. We want all our members to finish their nutrition program and keep their new lifestyle with the tools they have obtained and make good eating decisions, their own meal plans and continue reaching their goals,

Why not take your chance on something that actually works?

✅ Decreasing body fat

✅ Increasing lean muscle mass

✅ Look good, feel great

✅ Increasing energy, self-confidence & mindset

This program will be catered to each individual, with fortnightly meal plans and check-ins to make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

The program includes:

✅ 6 Meal Plan (based on your personal body weight, height, age and goals) that will be used for the 6 week program (updated weekly)

✅ Weekly check in to review your goals, progress & keep you accountable

✅ Recipe Guide (which can be used with the whole family)

✅ Supplements Guide/Info

✅ Nutrition & Exercise Guide

✅ Direct online coaching

*Price does not include training. This is a add-on service only. Any meal plan should be used in conjunction with a weekly exercise program.


However, I will not lie to you. There is one last thing you need to know.

Our six-week program is a kickstart and the beginning of your nutrition journey. Our program is about longevity and providing ongoing support to our members once their program is complete. We don’t expect our members to lose 20kgs in six weeks or have their weight creep back on right after they finish our program.

What we expect are smaller yet effective and long-term weekly weight loss goals. This means 20kg losses over 5-6 months and staying off, as you will have the knowledge and support to continue your journey.

If you are ready to take the next step towards REAL results, contact me on the form below.

And remember, this is a journey we are in together.

Your coach, Stef

Project You has given me a more solid understanding of nutrition and how much not eating enough nutritious food can have a negative impact on weight loss. – Sara

Project You gave me the confidence and motivation I’d been searching for. It’s also taught me the important role nutrition plays when training. – Erin

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