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Project YOU Program is an individualised nutrition program we provide members who are looking at that extra step when it comes to nutrition. We provide weekly personalised meal plans specific to clients & cater to their goals & what they want to achieve.

Jo began her Project You journey in July 2018, she stuck with the program & continues her program today. Over the period of 7 months she has lost 17kgs (and counting) and has smashed out her goal targets. Goals she thought she would never achieve.

Lost 25kgs

In 6 weeks we have helped Jen with her transformation not only with her physical appearance but her outlook on food, nutrition & a new understanding of how food helps reach her goals – we completed 1 round of project YOU & have begun our 2nd 6 weeks round – the results AMAZING!

Lost 24kg & 57.5cms

OMG! Check out Dale’s 6 week transformation – the results are amazing & shows that with the commitment to your program, you can achieve your goals.

Lost 8kgs & 24cms

Project You has been a wonderful experience so far for Simone.
The changes she made to her eating habits and the skills learnt are skills for life.


Lost 17kgs & 29cms


Hi Reps is a second home to me. love the environment that I get to train every week. The trainers Mark, Stef and Glenn are always enthusiastic and will always push you to get the best potential out of an individual. I have recently finished off a Weightlifting programme under the supervision of Mark and has worked better than I could have imagined. It was in lead up to a competition and I went onto the platform having the confidence I needed from the help of Mark. The programme has increased my strength and speed dramatically. Over 12 weeks I increased my Snatch by 7kg and my C&J by nearly 10kg! if I could give 6 stars I would.


This gym has the best programs I’ve participated in and i’ve worked out for years and in a number of different facilities. Every exercise is explained and you are shown exactly how to do it safely and correctly. There are always variation options that can be made, which I found great when I first started and I had a knee injury. I find it makes such a massive different when all the coaches remember your name and they did from my first day, they take the time to remember where you are at with your strength each week and push you every session and you notice results so quickly ! I always leave with a smile on my face because of the coaches, they know their stuff and always have a bit of fun. The culture they have built in the gym is so great, everyone is so supportive of each other. I cannot recommend this gym enough!


Hi Reps is much more than just a gym to me. Hi Reps is family. Hi Reps is home. This is where I feel openly accepted, encouraged, and supported. Joining Hi Reps has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. For me it’s not all about losing weight or looking good. Keeping physically fit helps my mental and emotional well being immensely and that is more important to me. Hireps has equipped me with all the tools I needed to be a well balanced individual and I couldn’t be more grateful. This place provides high quality coaching in a very professional and friendly manner.


Amazing coaches, clean & spacious facility and great workouts. 1000/10!


Excellent facility and team. A great atmosphere for training, for all skill levels. I was warmly welcomed by staff and members


Great coaches and facilities


The coaches at Hi Reps are professional and supportive. Facilities are fantastic and clean. I thoroughly enjoy the group classes which cater for all levels of fitness. Love Hi Reps!!


Amazing! A gym that makes you feel welcome and part of their family. Great atmosphere to train in, the trainers are so nice and knowledgeable and coach everyone of all levels of fitness to their needs. Highly recommend!


I love Hi Reps! From the moment I walked in the coaches made me feel welcome and comfortable. Hi Reps is not your run of the mill gym. They really care about their clients and you are not treated like a number. My whole family goes to Hi Reps and we love it. We all have different goals and our programs are tailored to suit each of us (as we all have different fitness levels). The gym is state of the art, clean, fresh and fun to be at. Come and give it a go!


Hi Reps is more than a gym, it is a family. For me it is a place where I can go and exercise, lose weight and get fit. I have never once felt uncomfortable or not welcome. The classes are altered for my ability and every step of the way I have been encouraged to improve myself not to keep up with the class. The encouraging messages and smiles makes me just try that much harder. For my son it is is for strength and endurance for his sport. HiReps worked with his sports national bodies fitness program and went above and beyond to ensure that as an elite athlete he was provided with the programs required not just to meet his goals but to exceed in his sport. For my husband who is a diabetic HiReps tailored a program for his needs that was perfect for his requirements. As a family we are just over the moon with how welcome we have felt and how we are treated as individuals not just part of a pack class




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