Under our FIT4 programming, we offer two primary programs of group training.

FIT 4 ALLThese sessions are designed to push you to your limits, rotating through exercises focused on different muscle groups each day. A focus on strengthening your body using bodyweight movements as well as incorporating dumbbells, kettlebells etc. Our Fit4All program is for Beginners to Advance.

Classes that fall under FIT4ALL are Upper Body Blast, Lower Body Blowout, Core Blitz,  FHM (Functional Human Movement), HIIT and Aerobic Conditioning

FIT 4 LIFE – is our Strength & Conditioning program which incorporates powerlifting movements (Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) with Olympic lifting movements (Snatch & Clean & Jerk) with other accessory movements finishing each session with a conditioning phase.

Classes that fall under FIT4LIFE are S&C (Strength & Conditioning), Oly Barbell Lifting.

If you are new to Hi Reps Fitness please start with our FIT4ALL sessions.

Fit4Life Strength & Conditioning program is a barbell based class, if you’re not interested in barbell movements e.g – squat, deadlift, bench, snatch and clean & jerk please DO NOT book into this class. Fit4All will be better suited for you.
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