Are you an athlete competing at or aspiring to compete professionally at the state, national or international level?
Raise your game or take your team to the next level

Our Hi Reps Athlete Program is designed for junior through to senior athletes who are currently competing in any sporting code. Our experienced Strength & Conditioning Coaches can tailor your individualised training program to suit your current sporting demands and help you excel in your sport.

This program is based on assisting individuals who are wanting to take the next steps towards greatness and want to reach higher levels in all different sports.

Whether our Athletes need to focus on strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, mindset their needs are met with individualised weekly programming where they are coached, motivated, assisted with form & technique and supported to reach their full potential not only as aspiring athletes but as outstanding individuals in all areas they purse.

Our system of coaching is based on our following Hi Reps principles:

  • Overload
  • Reversibility
  • Accommodation
  • Adaptation
  • Said Principal
  • Compensatory
  • Acceleration
  • Primal movement
  • Specificity
  • Individuality

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The Road To Success

We get there by assessing how each athlete moves and by programming individually to suit each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses from a ground-up approach.

Our Program provides each of our Athletes with:

✅ Weekly Programming designed according to their sports-specific goals

✅ Access to up to 4 Semi-Private Coaching sessions weekly

✅ Daily interaction with Coach to help assist with form, technique and motivation

✅ 24/7 Access to train at times that fit your schedule

✅ Nutrition Guidance with supplied macros & 1 meal plan

✅ 1on1 Consult to discuss your goals and expectations

✅ Private FB Athlete Group

With Hi Reps Athletic Performance coaching, Brock (right) came 3rd in Junior Nationals 2018


Lachlan Greentree placed 2nd in the Intercontinental Cup at Big White Ski Resort in Canada

Jason Rockley – 2018 Hawkesbury 120 unlimited inboard N/A winner

Harrison Wheeldon competed in World Series three years in a row for Little League (under 13s) twice and 2018 Junior League (under 15’s).

Brock Baldwin placed 3rd in 2018 AWF Junior & Senior Championships

Junior Club Rider of the Year – Mitchell South

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