Love your body. It’s done a fantastic thing.

Here at HI REPS FITNESS, we believe that getting back into movement after birth is essential for your wellness & recovery, but we also know that doing this with a new baby comes with some challenges.

We are launching our new Mums & Bubs exercise classes to help new mums who are finding it hard to leave the house, let alone find 30-45mins to themselves for exercise, a place where they can attend with bub. 

Here, your bundle of joy can join in on the fun! It’s also an excellent opportunity to socialise with other new Mums – have a chat, let the babies interact and get you amongst like-minded, easy-going mums with whom you can connect.

Our classes focus on gently getting you back into movement, to exercise every part of your body with a combination of bodyweight & light weights (you can use your baby). All in a controlled environment with a Mum trainer (Stef) who will be joining in the class while also taking you through your session.

Before your first class, you will have a phone assessment with Stef, a qualified personal trainer. We will discuss relevant details of your birth and any questions you have and assess any injuries, pain, or dysfunction you are currently experiencing. 

Each exercise in these classes has progressions and regressions to allow for differing levels of fitness. Our primary focus is to get you moving under the care of a fitness professional while interacting with your little one.

Our class sizes are limited to eight Mums, so we have room to let the little ones roam (if mobile).
For booking or more information please fill in contact form or 02 8882 9968

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