Terms & Conditions



  1. New Member has completed Membership for $17 Trial Offer (plus FIT4LIFE MEMBERSHIP).
  2. Membership includes 7 Days Unlimited Group Classes (from purchase date), 7 Days Access to Strength Gym (during staffed hours), 1 x 1on1 Introductory Kick Start Goal Consult & Nutrition Guidance.
  4. Member accepts the membership terms & continuing of regular membership unless otherwise advised to the Accounts Department as per the below-continued terms.

Unlimited Group Classes Weekly

24/7 Gym Access

1on1 Kick Start Consult

Accountability Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

No Lock In Contracts 


  1. The member agrees to purchase {{MembershipTypeName}}?membership.
  2. If the member believes there is a risk to their health by participating in a fitness service at this fitness centre, then they must inform this fitness centre in writing about the risk. The member also acknowledges that they have been shown how to use the equipment by a qualified instructor. The member must inform {{CompanyName}} as to any medical conditions, annexed to this agreement.


  1. Memberships will be charged on the start day of membership
  2. All Membership package rates are per calendar month, paid monthly, fortnightly or weekly via third party billing merchant. Please ask a staff member to see full  Terms & Conditions.
  3. All transactions incur a merchant fee to the customer of Bank Account Transaction Fee: $1.60, Credit Card Transaction Fee: VISA/Mastercard: 2.50% (Min $1.60) Failed Payment Fee: $10.00.
  4. If selecting a preferred date, billing will prorate the first payment automatically regardless of when a member signs up.


  1. If the member wishes to cancel their membership before the minimum balance is paid, they may do so by applying in writing to the club (Hard Copy only). Fourteen (14) days notice must be given for all ?No Contract? cancellations, this includes two (2) further direct debit payments from notification date. Paid in full memberships are not redeemable. A cancellation fee will apply for terminating all ?Contract/D/D? memberships before the minimum term date (to be advised). If the member does not wish to continue after the minimum term date they can notify the club in writing (Hard Copy only). All D/D memberships continue as a rollover membership if no notice of cancellation is given to the club.
  2. No cancellations will be applied until the return of Access Key to the club. All payments will continue until the return of the key.
  3. HOLDS
  4. The member may put their membership on hold for a max of 4 weeks per 12 month period, due to: (a) holidays (b) illness. If a member needs more extended than this, they can transfer their membership to another person who is not currently a member of the club. Direct Debit payments will be transferred on to the new member. Paid in full memberships will have the four weeks added to the end of the membership.


  1. Twelve (12) hours notice must be provided by the member (Appointment/Personal Training Based) should they wish to: (a) reschedule the appointment (b) cancel the appointment or (c) change the trainer.
  2. If either: a) twelve (12) hours notice is not provided (b) the member does not show for the appointment or (c) the member is late for the appointment, the club reserves the right to void the appropriate session (to make session up a $20.00 fee will be charged).


  1. Member recognise and understand that if you provide access to the fitness centre for any other person other than you, using your access card or key fob, whether they are a member or non-member, whether they exercise or do not exercise, whether they are known to you or are not known to you, that you may be charged a $250 penalty which will automatically be charged using your payment details provided and that you may also have your membership immediately cancelled.
  2. Member fully understands and accept that if you intentionally activate a Duress Button or a Personal Duress Lanyard for any reason that is deemed as inappropriate use that you may be charged a $250 penalty which will be automatically billed using your payment details provided and that you may also have your membership immediately cancelled.
  3. Lost/misplaced key fobs will incur a fee of $50.00 that is non refundable
  4. Fitness Centre premises have CCTV security cameras recording, in most cases, 24 hours a day (except in the bathrooms) and may have remote video or other guarding services. This system is used for security purposes but does not guarantee against harm. You should contact the fitness centre if you have any questions about this.


  1. Hi Reps Fitness we take your privacy seriously. We do not pass your information onto any other business. If you do not wish to receive an email, SMS or mail correspondence from us regarding your membership, special offer, promotions or your health, then please send Fitness Centre an email or letter confirming that you wish to unsubscribe for such methods of communication.
  2. Member permits for Hi Reps Pty Ltd to use photos and videos taken of Members while undertaking fitness training. These images may be used on all social media sites such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and for the promotion of Hi Reps Fitness companies. Promotion of the companies will include websites, publications and any media coverage.
  3. Club membership is based on the entitlement to use the clubs facilities, not its actual use. Failure to use the clubs facilities does not release the member from their obligations under this agreement.
  4. The member understands that they are responsible for their safety and welfare while exercising at the club. As a member, I specifically indemnify and hold harmless the club, its management and employees in respect of any event which might otherwise have given rise to action against the club.
  5. As a member, I acknowledge I must act in an appropriate manner and abide by the rules and regulations of the club. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or forfeiture of my membership.
  6. Member understands that bringing children into the club (who don’t fall under Active Kids or Teen membership) is discouraged, at your own risk nor are you permitted to leave children unattended at the club and if you do, you recognise that Hi Reps Fitness accepts no responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of any such children.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement.

WAIVER?I, {{FirstName}}?hereby certify that I willingly participate on my own free will in exercise(s) at {{CompanyName}}. I warrant that I am physically and mentally sound to proceed with a program of exercises. I acknowledge that at all times while on {{CompanyName}}?s premises, both my property and my person shall be at my own risk. I shall not hold {{CompanyName}} staff or contractors responsible or liable for any loss of property or personal injury. I acknowledge that I have read the membership Terms and Conditions and have agreed to abide by them. I agree to fulfil these financial commitments even in the event of me not attending {{CompanyName}} or utilising its services.

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