Group Fitness is at the heart of what we do
Our Hi Reps programs/classes are designed around all life-stages. Our FIT4 daily workouts are 60-minute sessions designed to see you achieve results using 12-week training blocks, progressive overload and RPE at each session.  A focus on strengthening your body and leaving you feeling the burn well after your session.
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Athlete Coach

Coach D (Mark) is Founder and Head Coach of Hi Reps Fitness. Mark started Hi Reps Fitness in 2009 drawing from all aspects of fitness training. He’s built a unique and dynamic style of training which has had dramatic effects.

Goals & Assistant Coach

Stef is known for always wanting to help where she can and being super organised. So when given the opportunity to combine her love of fitness and helping people she went and completed her studies in Personal Training.

Head Group Coach

Jonesy (Glenn) grew up playing AFL and represented both QLD and NSW at different levels (including Sydney Swans under 19s) until the age of 21. Glenn has been a coach at Hi Reps Fitness for the since 2012 and draws on his personal weight loss.


The coaches & the team are great to train with, but they are also great people. They get results but make the hard yards fun.

Maddie Jones

I enjoy training at Hi Reps because of the diverse range of exercises each session offers and how the group sessions create a great and encourage environment throughout the workout.



After recovering from a motorcycle accident I found it hard to reach any sort or goal or make progress exercising by myself. Classes at Hi Reps have not only helped with my rehabilitation but allowed me to find that motivation again and now I look forward to every workout.


 Most incredible gym!! Not only does it have the best equipment, space, cleanliness, and 24/7 access, the staff/coaches and members make it better than any other gym I’ve ever trained at. Always such a positive, encouraging and happy environment to be in. Full of positive vibes. Joining the hireps fam was the best thing I’ve done! 💚💚


Just a reminder of the best decision we’ve made by joining Hi Reps. My happy place, family & home all in one


A place that is so welcoming & encouraging you actually look forward to go to!

Here Tash is Leg Pressing 200kg – something she never thought she could do.


So grateful for Hi Reps, you have given me courage.

Go back a couple of years ago, I would have never “gone out the back” & joined the big boys & girls In decent waves, it does require a lot of conditioning, hard when u live in the suburbs. I did this morning & full of confidence, amongst some amazing surfers.

A small achievement, but such a good feeling to have a go & have not to be overwhelmed.

That’s why hi Reps is more than a gym, well it is to me anyway 🙏💪🏻❤️🏄‍♂️🌊


Thanks to Mark & Stef for keeping me on track in Project You to reach my goal weight for the big day!!!


Thank you all for pushing Lochie to his limits and encouraging him all the way. At the completion of a very long alpine season, i am proud to tell you all that the Australian official National Rankings are out. Lochie is 12 and his National under 14 Ranking combined over three disciplines is 12th.


Hi Reps is a second home to me. love the environment that I get to train every week. The trainers Mark, Stef and Glenn are always enthusiastic and will always push you to get the best potential out of an individual. I have recently finished off a Weightlifting programme under the supervision of Mark and has worked better than I could have imagined. It was in lead up to a competition and I went onto the platform having the confidence I needed from the help of Mark. The programme has increased my strength and speed dramatically. Over 12 weeks I increased my Snatch by 7kg and my C&J by nearly 10kg! if I could give 6 stars I would.

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