Jump start your fitness journey by joining our Fit 4 Life offer. This program is designed to kick start your new life in the right direction to a fitter, stronger and more active YOU!


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*This is a one-week offer, further pricing incurred for Full Membership
Group Fitness is at the heart of what we do
Our Hi Reps programs/classes are designed around all life-stages.
Our focus is to offer a variety of fitness programs focused on achieving goals, strengthening mindset & having fun
Fit 4 All Group
classes are designed to burn fat, build lean muscle & boost your metabolism. Everyone is encouraged to go at his or her own pace, but you will be motivated by your friendly coach to push yourself and reach life-long goals while having fun & making friends.

Athletic Performance
Program is designed to maximise individual athletes personal development.
Athletes will get fitter, stronger, & faster whether they are at the top of their sports, needing to improve performance and focused around improving particular areas of weakness.

Active Kids
program is focused on developing movement patterns & gaining strength while encouraging fitness & health in a fun environment.
Workouts are safe, for all abilities & ages 8 yrs - 15 yrs.

of classes

meet our
Coach D (Mark)
Head Coach

Coach D (Mark) is Founder and Head Coach of Hi Reps Fitness. Mark started Hi Reps Fitness in 2009 drawing from all aspects of fitness training. He’s built a unique and dynamic style of training which has had dramatic effects.


Stef is known for always wanting to help where she can and being super organised. So when given the opportunity to combine her love of fitness and helping people she went and completed her studies in Personal Training.


Jonesy (Glenn) grew up playing AFL and represented both QLD and NSW at different levels (including Sydney Swans under 19s) until the age of 21. Glenn has been a coach at Hi Reps Fitness for the since 2012 and draws on his personal weight loss.

Richard Palmer

I hated going to the gym until I found Mark and Stef at HiReps. They have been able to help me enjoy working out and getting fit.

Brett Smith

Great coaches, atmosphere and members. You will get the results you strive for with the best advice and coaching.

Matt Riley

The coaches & the team are great to train with, but they are also great people. They get results but make the hard yards fun.

Maddie Jones

I enjoy training at Hi Reps because of the diverse range of exercises each session offers and how the group sessions create a great and encourage environment throughout the workout.

Lisa Weber

I think I cried after my 1st session, but as I changed my eating habits and started to get a bit fitter, I started to enjoy what I was doing and the people I was exercising with. The trainers are so supportive, the other members are welcoming and all sessions can be adapted to any fitness level. Thanks Mark, Stef and Glenn for supporting me through the last 12 months and encouraging me into the future, I couldn’t have achieved what I have without you guys xx

David Reichard

After recovering from a motorcycle accident I found it hard to reach any sort or goal or make progress exercising by myself. Classes at Hi Reps have not only helped with my rehabilitation but allowed me to find that motivation again and now I look forward to every workout.

Gary Weber

With the help of ‘project YOU’ and his weekly group fitness training, Gary has reached amazing success in his marathon training. This year he completed his 10th Gold Coast Marathon & hit new PBs. #inspiring


Steph Wright

I normally don’t like gyms but Hi-Reps is different. Its inclusive and friendly. The instructors take the time to help you and get the best out of you. Its a great place to get fit.

Steph took part in our ‘project YOU’ and not only transformed physically but the program assisted with mental transformation around food, lifestyle & exercise. You can see the happiness shining through

Nicole Harvell

Most incredible gym!! Not only does it have the best equipment, space, cleanliness, and 24/7 access, the staff/coaches and members make it better than any other gym I’ve ever trained at. Always such a positive, encouraging and happy environment to be in. Full of positive vibes. Joining the hireps fam was the best thing I’ve done! 💚💚

Abby Nicolls

Having trainers that genuinely care about your wellbeing and fitness makes all the difference. I’ve hit every fitness goal I’ve set and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the trainers at HiReps or the members support.

BEFORE_afters (2)
Kylie Gorman

Nothing is easy, to begin with, but with the help, support & guidance of the Hi Reps team, you start to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Once you begin to see results over the weeks, you get a little more motivated, encouraged and determined to stick with the program.
After doing the program for three months I find that it’s turned into a way of life, and I know that the process works, that you need to trust, believe & stick with it – I’ve learnt about food, and also how exercising is not just for physical benefits but for my mental health & to destress.

Kylie is still on our ‘project YOU’ and continues this on her own while combining Hi Reps training. Between April 2018 to now she has lost of 8.5kgs and a total of 33cm from her body composition.

Christian Fletcher

Heart Rate is always elevated

Angela Marquez

My happy place, family & home all in one

Natasha Kozlowski

A place that is so welcoming & encouraging you actually look forward to go to!

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