e-news Tips for Getting Back on Track

Did you overindulge?
Have you taken a week or so off training & building the courage to get back into routine?
Lost that motivation as its getting colder?

It can be tough, and that 1st step is always a little daunting, sadly if we don’t pull ourselves up now that small speed bump turns into a mountain & there go our goals we set out to accomplish.

but here are a few tips to get you ready & back on track

1. Put your goal at the forefront of your mind – remind yourself why you wanted to reach it, how good you will feel when you accomplish it.

2. Stop beating yourself up – you may have eaten one too many Easter eggs or celebrated a little too much with a cocktail, but you enjoyed it? Right? So stop living in the past or beating yourself up to that you feel off the wagon a little. Today is a new day & it’s about focusing on the here & now

3. Schedule your training in – yep make an appointment with yourself to get to your daily exercise. Routine is vital when wanting to get things done. A few weeks of routine and it will become a habit. Especially with winter coming up its getting colder – but hate to be the barrier of bad news, just because the seasons change doesn’t mean you get a hall pass to get lazy, start the excuses, when summer comes back around & you have either stayed the same or maybe lost your fitness, put on extra kgs – its not going to be anyone else fault but yours.

4. Meal Prep or even getting back onto some healthier eating – I know when I a notorious my body with salads, veggies, lean proteins etc. that I feel better, I have more energy and my mood changes as I am treating my body with respect, skins looking better, sleeping better – there are so many benefits to healthy eating (not just the calories in/out all the time)

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