Factors that Affect Sports Performance

Hi Reps Athletic Performance seeks to help individuals of all ages and skill levels reach their full athletic potential. We strive to enhance all components important for successful athletic development.

Training is offered throughout the year and focuses on the development of overall athleticism including the improvement of strength, power, speed and mindset.

You have your supportive coach who knows your goals & is able to motivate & encourage you to reach your potential. It’s individual training based on personal goals & sports specific demands in a team environment.

OUR PRINCIPLES: We have a ground-up approach in our Athletic Performance Program & a system of coaching for performance that is based on the following principles:
Said Principal
Primal movement

MINDSET:┬áMindset training provides athletes with the tools they need to improve concentration and focus. To avoid distractions, deal with constantly changing arousal levels. This, in turn, will increase the athlete’s confidence, attitude and improve team dynamics as well as intra-team cohesion.

TEAM TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: Athletes don’t like failing. It’s not the best feeling & one you hope to forget very quickly but when we fail we learn & hope not to repeat those mistakes going forward.

In a group team training environment, you can fail & are encouraged to fail as you will receive corrections from your coach. Athletes in these types of setting get the added benefit of learning from other athletes and their mistakes. By learning from other athletes you avoid making the same errors and with that, the learning curve increases for each individual.


If you would like to know more about our Athletic Performance Program, please contact Stef on 02 8882 9968

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