Meet The Team – Bruno

Hey there!

I’m Bruno. I’m the team administration specialist. That means I’m in charge of the administrative and marketing side of HI REPS.

Although I’m not nearly as well versed in fitness as the rest of the guys, I am passionate about exercising and nutrition. I can’t stand being in my comfort zone, hence it all started in 2017 when I decided to start working out and became interested in educating myself on the subject during my free time. Over a period of less than three months and a 180-degree turn in eating habits, I lost 13kg. If there is one thing I learned from putting a lot of work into becoming a better version of myself is that regardless of how often it gets repeated, results really don’t come easy. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt worth it in the end. Incidentally, I strongly believe working out is the best therapy there is!

By the way, have you ever heard someone saying, “I regret that workout”?

Favourite Food – I´ll eat anything. No, really. I´ll try anything. But since I´ve to pick, chocolate and pizza.

Favourite TV Series – Twin Peaks

Favourite Movie – Spinal Tap

Least Favourite Food – Cucumber

Favourite Exercise – Deadlift

Favourite type of Cardio – Treadmill

Interesting fact #1 – Love cooking

Interesting fact #2 – I make awesome pizza

Interesting fact #3 – Languages fascinate me



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