Meet the Team – Jonesy

Hi Everyone, 

I’m Glenn ”Jonesy” … the good looking one out of the 3 coaches at Hireps 😉 

Hi Reps fitness started 10 years ago and I have been part of the group for nine years now. 

I started as a client to lose weight and regain my health.  Doctors warned me that if I didn’t lose weight I would be putting my health at further risk and I would be on medication for high blood pressure. This scared the crap out of me as I have had 2 open heart surgeries to replace a defective heart valve, and had also suffered a stroke.  

It wasn’t long before myself and my wife were hooked on Hireps and joined for unlimited sessions. 

Over the next nine months, I lost over 40kgs and became stronger and fitter than I was when playing competitive AFL at age 19. 

It was then that Mark approached me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the Hireps team. 6 months later I coached my first outdoor session, and I’ve never looked back!

Now I train most days of the week consisting of weightlifting, CrossFit and conditioning. 

Whilst training and coaching at Hi Reps I have not only reclaimed my fitness and become stronger, I have competed in events I never thought I could do before. 

I’ve completed

2 x Triathlons






3 x City 2 Surf

5 x Half Marathons

5 x Spartan






3 x Tough bloke challenge 

Over 20 CrossFit events and even made it to represent NSW at the Masters CrossFit games in 2018. 






Favourite Food – Steak, Crispy M&Ms ( not together!)

Favourite TV Series – Friends, Sons of Anarchy

Favourite Movie – Gone in 60 seconds

Least Favourite Food – Custard

Favourite Exercise – Wall Balls

Favourite type of Cardio – Assault Bike

Interesting fact #1 – Played a season of professional AFL with the Swans in 1990

Interesting fact #2 – Qualified Landscaper

Interesting fact #3 – when you stand close to me, you can hear my heart ‘tick’!

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