How you can get time for yourself almost instantly!

Do you ever feel like you wake up, have a quick breakfast, and rush out the door? And then you spend the rest of the day in a hurry from one place to the other, only to finally crash in bed at night, barely took a shower, only to do it again the next day? 

Making time for ourselves never seems as important as attending to other matters. We tend to overlook ourselves in our daily life. 

You probably acknowledge that making some time to pay attention to yourself is not something you take seriously except, maybe, when having to check yourself with the doctor. 

Taking some time in your day to evaluate how you are feeling and doing something that makes you happy is very important. 

Here are some ways you can take some time for yourself without much effort:

Obligatory Me Day 

A Me Day is a day you schedule in advance, and it’s as important as any appointment you have in your calendar. Plan your Me Day two weeks in advance or even a month if you’re too busy, but plan it out and commit to it. It can be a day you do anything you like to do. You could plan to stay the whole day in bed eating snacks and watching Netflix or, you can schedule a picnic with your favourite book by yourself in your favourite spot at the beach or a park. The important thing is to make it a commitment with yourself and take it seriously. 

Self-Care Routine 

Snoozing the alarm clock it’s a guilty pleasure, but it can be tough on your day if you have too many things to do.

Make an extra effort to get up an hour early in the mornings and have some time for yourself. Taking time to shower, moisturize, and then having a cup of coffee while you sit and read before getting ready to leave the house, it’s a great way to take care of yourself. 

At night try taking at least ten minutes to do a quick exercise routine and go to bed earlier. Remember that eight hours of sleep at night are essential to restore your body and prepare it for the next day. 

Take on a creative task you can do every day 

Whether it is to cook or to paint in a colour book (they make those for grownups now), taking on a creative activity, helps to keep your brain sharp and brings you joy and relaxation. You can do anything you like, writing a poem, solving a crossword puzzle, or even dancing. You simply have to make sure it’s something you can do every day for a little while. 

Sign up for a sport you like 

Very much like having a Me Day, taking the step to sign up for surfing classes or Karate lessons, it’s a fabulous way to take care of yourself. Keeping yourself active has so many advantages. It helps to keep your emotional and physical health in good shape. 

Commit with yourself to show up to these lessons at least once a week, and you’ll see how your days will improve. 

Take a step back from your phone or computer 

Our electronic devices are everything to us. If we are constantly working or checking our phones, we tend to get distracted and don’t pay attention to our environment. 

Every day make sure to step away from your phone and laptop an hour or two. Take that time to stretch and take a walk or do some yoga movements. Whether you are in an office or at home, try to do this every once in a while. 


Remember to make yourself a priority, your body will thank you. 


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