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Why you shouldn’t sacrifice technique for weight

Maybe you have worked out in the past. Maybe you haven’t. But you have decided to turn your life around and sign up for a gym. You start full of ambition and willpower and start hitting those big weights, and…there’s your first slip. One of the most common mistakes when working out is weight overload. In other words, lifting more…

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Battling limited eating habits in kids

Last year, the Australian Medical Association President said more children were visiting GPs with food-related anxiety due to a narrow focus on eating nothing but healthy foods rather than approaching food with moderation. On the other hand, studies show that 1 in 4 kids in our country are overweight or obese, and a lot of them don’t get enough daily exercise….

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Kids Health & Fitness Myths

Can you name which of the following statements is false? ● Children need to play some type of sport to stay physically healthy ● It is important children exercise hard enough ● Strength training might stunt children’s growth Well, turns out all of them are! We all know to get our children to stay active and off the couch has…

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5 habits preventing you from losing weight

There are few things as frustrating as trying to lose weight but not being able to. We all want to look good and feel at ease with our bodies, not to mention staying fitter and healthier to do activities we enjoy and carry on with our daily routine and tasks. Moreover, this carries over to our mental wellbeing and our…