Pre-Season Rugby Training

Preseason training allows you to build solid fitness foundations, improve your technical ability, and ultimately ensure optimum performance.

After a break and body recharge following last season, your body will need to regain its fitness to ensure you’re ready for the season ahead, without slow starts and to prevent injuries and prepare your body for demanding games and competitions.

Strength and flexibility training helps to prevent injury and is the key to a successful season. Pre-season training gets the body ready for the kind of physical movement and demands the sport requires by enhancing strengths and improving weaknesses. If an athlete begins the season without the physical adjustment to the action of the sport, then the injury is more likely to occur through fatigue or lack of mobility/flexibility.

Lastly, confidence is an important factor in executing movement in any sport. The more confidence acquired through pre-season training, the more likely that athlete will be a dynamic force in their respective sport. Confidence is gained through the knowledge for the athlete that they can handle the physical and mental demands of the sport.

So if you are looking to develop, increase strength & get better with your in-season performance on the field – be sure to contact me to discuss how Hi Reps Fitness Rouse Hill can assist.

Yours in Fitness,

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