Kids Fitness Club Top 25

Kids Fitness Club at Hi Reps Fitness has been running for over ten years, providing gym & fitness for ages eight years to 15-year-old children. This program has given many kids in the Rouse Hill and surrounding Hills areas the foundation of good movement & technique for gym style fitness.

Laying a good foundation of the importance of health & fitness from early on in childhood paves the way as they grow up and become adults. Developing a good stable relationship with moving their bodies, keeping active and making it enjoyable.

Making fitness fun it the main focus of our Kids Fitness Club and one that we have made sure is part of our weekly program.

Having kids return term after term and watching them grow into young adults and continue their love of fitness at Hi Reps Fitness is a big part of why our program is so popular.

We teach our children at Kids Fitness Club to celebrate the small wins, get excited about the victories and have a positive outlook in their fitness. With that, we celebrate a little win be being awarded in the Top 25 Active Activities for Kids in Rouse Hill for the third year.

So if you have a child aged between 8 & 15 who is looking to get active, move their bodies while learning about good technique in a gym environment be sure to contact us today –

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