Our Active Kids Program focuses on introducing children (age 8yrs – 15yrs) to different exercises, drills, team interaction, and fun activities. Children have an opportunity to learn good movement through sport/exercise. Most importantly, our students love Active Kids classes and have a blast every single time!

We are proud to be a registered ‘Active Kids’ program through Services NSW which means that you can claim a $100.00 rebate when your child registered with Hi Reps Active Kids – a great incentive for encouraging our children to be active.


Each session is designed to incorporate elements around bodyweight movements, light-moderate weight loaded exercises & plyometric (speed-strength) activities (running/jumping)

Our Active Kids Program is run through each school term; classes take place Monday to Thursday from 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm.

Our classes are broken up into the below age brackets:

Monday 8yrs – 15 yrs
Tuesday 12yrs +
Wednesday 8yrs – 15 yrs
Thursday 12yrs +

Our biggest goal is always to keep them moving and busy to develop an early love and appreciation for physical activity. By the end of the program, children will have gained experience with a variety of different movements, tactics, and rules, encouraging them to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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