Unknown & Unknowable – Friday Nights!

At Hi Reps Fitness est 2009, we have a lot of fitness options! From our signature Strength & Conditioning and Functional Fitness classes to our Athletic Development program, Kids Fitness Club and 24/7 personal gym program. These are all designed to work through various Anatomical positions and time domains to get you the best results.

Alright, there’s a lot of fitness options floating around. It has dawned on me recently that what is fitness, and what exactly are we trying to do with all that fitness?

When I ask members what their fitness goals are and what they are trying to achieve, I get a blank look “Ummm…” Many you could not give me a specific goal; instead, just rolling with the punches and going through the motions of what life throws up at you. Don’t get me wrong, you have your fitness, but at the heart of the matter, the program’s design is supposed to prepare you for, well, anything and everything.

The idea is that a well-rounded, constantly varied program will prepare our members to perform (at the very least) moderately well at any task that was presented in front of them. 

That’s why we have put together a new program. This program will run on Friday Evening from 5:15 pm, and the program will be generated randomly hence the name UNKNOWN AND UNKNOWABLE. We will have a fun competition against fellow members to bring the best out of each individual. 

This class is excellent for mental health, anxiety and stress life throws at us daily, so come and have a laugh and a few Friday beverages after the workout. 

This class ticks all the boxes so sure you put a circle around this class each week as we build strength by lifting others through comradery. 

Heck, you can just rock up for the BEVs at the end, also an option and watch your fellow coaches suffer!!!

Hope to see you there!

Coach D

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