Consistency Over Intensity

Its a big one on our goal board in 2019, so I thought it best to take the opportunity and shed some light on this word we are throwing around and aiming for this year.

Consistency is one of the most critical components with your fitness goals (and in most if not all aspects of your life). Without it, things like motivation, our training ability and even nutrition can hinder us from reaching our goals

It doesn’t matter what you are doing or planning to accomplish the first days/weeks/months of any worthwhile pursuit if you are not consistent.

Why is Consistency Important?

If your goal is to save for your dream home, you can’t stick with your budget one week, then go splurging on the latest gadget the next and expect to acquire enough $$ to get your foot in the door (pardon the pun). We must make those wise choices and watch our savings grow for the original goal.

So the above works for your health & fitness goals. Whether your goal is to get fit, lose fat or get stronger – consistency to the plan is what is going to achieve said goals no matter how long it takes.

Does health/fitness have a timeframe? How long is a piece of string?

Most people make the mistake of focusing on intensity and trying to get fit and want to see results in 2 weeks… Intensity comes only after you have done something competently & consistently enough to master the basic concept or activity.

You can’t expect to hit a solid week of training one week, followed by dinner dates, social events and no training the following week and for it to assist in your goals. Sadly you will continue this cycle and get nowhere, lose motivation and think your training program isn’t working… No! Your consistency with your goals is what’s lacking.

All your energy has to be directed towards being disciplined and consistent with your activity every single day… Don’t try and chase significant heroic feats in the first days/weeks/months, focus on doing a good consistent level of activity with a conscious mindset towards improving each day!

The longer you are consistent with your training, the better you will become mentally and physically. The more years you train,( yes, not weeks or months), the greater the amount of experience you obtain. The more your training becomes routine (built into your everyday life), and the results will show for it.

This is one of the great keys to success, especially when it comes to life long goals like your health or life in general.

And remember if it’s important to you, you must be consistent because if you’re not, you will never see the results you want.

A few helpful tips for consistency in your training:
  • Book into your classes (via Wodify) on a Sunday night. Gets you set for your week ahead
  • Set your alarm & don’t snooze. If your one to get stuck at work or catching up with a friend in the evening, suck it up and get yourself out of bed an hour earlier, smash a good workout & start your day on top. The question is how badly do you want your goals
  • Meal Prep – plan ahead, set some time aside on Sunday to prep a few healthy meals, have them packed and ready to grab and go. The only way to reduce the kgs is by having a good nutrition plan in place
  • Log your workouts and see your performance increase – don’t just float through your training, log your daily results so you can look at your fitness, strength and stamina increasing

Start by adding these tips to your daily routine & see how it starts to pay off.


Yours in Fitness,


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