A fun-fueled approach
Your commitment = Goals met
✅ Lose weight & burn fat
✅ Get fitter, stronger & more active
✅ Psychological benefits
Regardless of how many of these goals you tick, your fitness journey is a teamwork one! Let us help you achieve greatness

If you struggle to:

✔️ Find an effective group fitness solution to your busy lifestyle

✔️ Stay motivated & committed to your goals

✔️ Find a fun approach to being active

✔️ Lose fat & keep it off

✔️ Find a qualified, experienced & supportive coach

✔️ Find a proper & personalised program that actually works

Then Hi Reps FIT4 group fitness is where you will feel right at home.

What is FIT4 group fitness?

Our FIT4 daily workouts are sessions focused around burning fat, building lean muscle & boosting your metabolism while our coaches provide you with the personalised attention you need to get the most out of your workouts.

We are not just a gym Rouse Hill residents trust to get a good workout; we are your support, cheerleader, and expert guide to all things fitness.

We offer loads of variety in our daily workouts. Our classes cater to all fitness levels; you don’t need to be “fit” to start. You will be coached, guided and supported at all stages of your fitness journey. This is, after all, a journet we are both in, you & I.

After a few sessions, you will start seeing results & be amazed at how quickly you will have climbed the ladder of fitness & personal development.

Under our FIT4 programming, we offer two main programs of group training.

You are welcomed and encouraged to choose the one you like the most:

FIT 4 LIFEThis Strength & Conditioning class is structured on full-body barbell exercises with a progressive overload program, which helps members stay focused on their physical goals while targeting building strength & reducing body fat
FIT 4 ALLThis class uses Dumbbells, Kettlebells and body weight-based exercises. Each day is split with the one-day upper body, the next lower body emphasis. A big focus on increasing overall fitness and reducing body fat.
2% – That’s how little of your week it takes to become the best version of you

If I can sum up in one word, Hi Reps has given me a PURPOSE. It has practically changed my whole outlook in life – Ang


“The instructors take the time to help you and get the best out of you. Its a great place to get fit”.Steph
“The staff/coaches and members make it better than any other gym I’ve ever trained at. Always such a positive, encouraging and happy environment to be in. Full of positive vibes”Nic.H
“Mark, Stef & Glen are natural trainers who know how to get the best out of any individual. They have a calm, yet directive nature that ensures everyone on all levels walks out with nothing in the tank.
Everyone is very friendly & it’s a really good vibe.”Bart
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