Spice it Up with these Exercises

Such as with most things in life, variety in your training is important. There are many types of exercises, and they all have their functionality and benefits. Some people prefer specific workouts, while others lean towards different ones. One thing you need to know is there isn’t the best type of exercise. It all depends on what you want to achieve, what your goals are. The good thing is you can spice things up and try out different ones and see what works best for you and you like the most.

Let’s go over 4 of the most popular types of exercises and their benefits:

1- Cardio: The most popular type of exercise, also called aerobics. This type of training refers to the ones that elevate your heart rate beyond its normal resting rate. This encompasses activities like swimming, running, and cycling. The benefits of this type of exercise are numerous: it helps to burn fat and lose weight; it improves your heart, so it pumps blood more easily, plus it reduces the risk of a heart attack; increases your lung capacity and endurance; reduces stress; it regulates your cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of high blood pleasure, diabetes and some types of cancer, and it helps with anxiety and depression.

2- Weight training or resistance training: Although the most well-known benefits have to do with improving your muscle mass and strength, weight training has plenty of other benefits. It ramps up your metabolism so you can burn more fat; it helps to build proper posture; it improves your bone density, and it has amazing psychological effects such as improving your confidence. It is essential to mention that as we age, we lost muscle mass, and this type of exercise can help regain it. Finally, it makes daily physical tasks more manageable.

3- Stretching: As we age, our muscles and tendons decrease in flexibility. Stretching prevents strains, cramps and joint pain. Falling is often a symptom of weak muscles and ligaments. It doesn’t stop here either. Stretching also helps with stress; increases blood flow to the muscles; improves your posture and helps prevent and heal back pain, one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor. Even something as simple as bending down to tie your shoes can be a source of pain or discomfort if your muscles aren´t flexible enough and don’t function properly.

4- Balance exercise: This type of activity includes standing in one foot or walking heel to toe. As implied in its name, it improves your balance and helps prevent falls. Yoga is a simplified balance exercise.

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