project YOU – Nutrition Camp 2019

The best project you will work on is YOU! – Nutrition Camp

With Christmas & New Year just around the corner, everyone is already starting to think towards what the New Year will bring and what they want to get out of the 1st few months of 2019.

Do any of these resonate with you:

  • knowing what to eat,  how much to eat, should I be eating this/that for my goals
  • my prime has gone & I won’t be able to get back to my good old days, age is slowing me down,
  • I’m never going to lose the baby weight, nothing is working (low carb, keto, high protein)

Wow! I am sure one or more of the above you have said to yourself in the past. Am I right? I get it, you have tried everything – downloaded a meal plan you found on google, saw some ‘magic tablet’ that will help with that fat or help build muscle… and let me guess it’s not working.

Here’s the truth…. Results take time! If you want some cookie cutter program that will have you drop 5x dress sizes in two weeks, please stop reading. The below isn’t for you… Bye.

However, if you are interested in REAL results, you can afford to put in the hard work, dedication, effort and stick with the program for more than a minute, then we have something pretty awesome coming your way.

There is no ONE SIZE fits all when it comes to diet and exercise. We all have different genetics, body shapes, diet/food preferences and fitness goals. However, with a little science, a thought out training program and a few handy tips, you can achieve your goals.

Rather than downloading another meal plan from the internet that doesn’t take into account your genetic makeup and your personal fitness goals why not get some ‘real’ help from a ‘real’ coach who knows you, sees you at training and can keep you accountable week in and out?

Why not, take your chance on something that actually works?

  • decreasing body fat
  • increasing lean muscle mass
  • look good, feel great
  • increasing energy, self-confidence & mindset

The project YOU program begins on 4th Feb and goes for 6 weeks.

This program will be catered to each individual, with fortnightly meal plans and check-ins to make sure you are on track to reach your goals.


The program includes:

  • 3 Meal Plan (based on your personal body weight, height, age and goals) that will be used for the 6 week program (updated fortnightly)
  • Weekly check in to review your goals, progress & keep you accountable
  • Recipe Guide (which can be used with the whole family)
  • Supplements Guide/Info
  • Nutrition & Exercise Guide
  • Direct online coaching
Total Value: $352 per week
However, our introductory 2019 offer is $60 + GST per week (6 weeks minimum)
*Price does not include training. This is a add-on service only. Any meal plan should be used in conjunction with a weekly exercise program.
Spots are limited to 8 people only per round. EMAIL to be sent an application form. All applications will be reviewed and notified if accepted into the program.

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