5 habits preventing you from losing weight

There are few things as frustrating as trying to lose weight but not being able to. We all want to look good and feel at ease with our bodies, not to mention staying fitter and healthier to do activities we enjoy and carry on with our daily routine and tasks. Moreover, this carries over to our mental wellbeing and our self-esteem, creating a vicious cycle where we feel unmotivated and unenergised.

Although there is no secret behind the logic of losing weight, there are many scenarios where people think they are doing the right thing, even if they’re eating nothing but healthy foods, when in reality they’re maintaining habits that make it impossible to achieve the much-desired weight goal.

If you are going through this, see if these 5 points might be the reason you aren’t getting the results you want:

  1. Consuming liquid calories instead of only water: Even if you were to eat nothing but healthy foods low in calories, liquid calories found in drinks like sodas can absolutely sabotage your success. This include alcoholic beverages that are known to have a lot of calories. In fact, it is not uncommon for some people to consume 600 to 1000 calories a day in liquids. Stick to water only. When you’re dehydrated, your metabolism drags, which means lower weight loss.
  2. Skipping breakfast: It might seem like an easy way to cut calories, but what ends up happening is you compensate for it by overeating during the rest of the day. Same goes for skipping snacks when you really want to because you think it will help you lose weight.
  3. Eating out: As a rule of thumb, eating at home and preparing your own meals will be healthier than eating outside. Unless you’re getting the right portions at specific places, restaurants and cafeterias tend to load their food with oil, keeping you coming back for more and adding up to your daily caloric intake.
  4. Focusing too much on one thing: Losing weight should be the consequence of a change in your lifestyle. If you focus too much on one thing, whether it is exercising or dieting, you’re not making losing weight an easy process. Losing weight is a series of small steps and a change in your attitude that adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts.
  5. Not cutting down on sugar: You might think that your sugar intake is low, but you’re getting it from sources you underestimate the sugar content of. For example, eating foods low in calories, carbs and fat, but drinking Gatorade or Vitamin Water every day. Always make sure you know if what you’re consuming has sugar.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today

Finally, if you’ve tried these and are still having a hard time losing weight, we have designed a program that will help you achieve the success you want. Our Project YOU program educates our members on nutrition while debunking myths, false news and (mis)information that gets passed around to no end around social media and elsewhere.

Our program is catered to each individual – your likes/dislikes, your genetic makeup & what macronutrients you require (as every person is different) It is based on your own goals, how often you train & other factors that influence the type of dietary regime to be designed.

If you want to find out more, head to our website https://www.hireps.com.au/fit4all/projectyou/ or get in contact with us at enquiries@hireps.com.au.


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