Coaches Have Goals As Well

2018 has been our most successful year yet with our Active Kids/Teens program and we have already booked out both Monday & Wednesday sessions.

We would love to know if another day/class would be of interest to parents/kids. Our aim is to include a TUESDAY 430pm class, however we need enough interest to go ahead.

Not only do members of Hi Reps Fitness work day to day on goals, so do us coaches. Our Hi Reps Fitness coaches are constantly learning and increasing our knowledge to bring our awesome members the best possible results, lead by example and walk the talk for our members.

Here is my transformation:
Towards the back end of last year I wanted a new goal. I wanted something that was going to get me out of my comfort zone yet push the boundaries a little but yet achievable. I was constantly tired, lethargic, run down. So I decided I would work on my body fat percentage while maintaining strength. I started at 17.1% BF & with consistent training and an awesome nutrition plan that gives me flexibility I managed to drop down to 8.8% BF while maintaining my strength gain & lean muscle mass. It has also left me fitter, faster and plenty of energy throughout the day.

Food for thought:
Don’t get caught up in what’s possible. The final photo you see was a product of hours, days, weeks of consistent work, blood, sweat and tears. All of this was with one vision in mind. The final product. Find your vision, create your consistency and earn your final product.

All to often I see people chuck in the towel because they have one bad week on the scales or binge eat the whole weekend undoing all the hard work and efforts leaving them at square one again or they have just seen the lastest gimmick on T.V. that is going to give them fast results in half the time. 😂 😂 😂
Choose to make it a priority in your life and under the right guidance and support base results will follow.

How important are your goals to you?

Would love to help you with Yours. 💪 👊 😊
Coach D.

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