Do you struggle with shoulder stability ?

2018 has been our most successful year yet with our Active Kids/Teens program and we have already booked out both Monday & Wednesday sessions.

We would love to know if another day/class would be of interest to parents/kids. Our aim is to include a TUESDAY 430pm class, however we need enough interest to go ahead.

Here is another variation to go with yesterday’s video you can try.

The Hanging band technique is great for shoulder rehab and performance gains this training tool works! While I’ve used this throughout the body, I’ve found the athletes that I work with respond very well to utilising this tool for the shoulder.

By hanging weights from resistance bands, the instability of the movements is drastically increased. Therefore, the athlete’s neuromuscular dynamic control is greatly challenged.

There are three great benefits of hanging band technique:
1)More controlled movement patterns / better technique as moving fast or uncontrolled will make completion of the lift impossible.

2)Increased proprioception demands making it a great progression in injury rehab for problems related to instability.

3)Strength gains due to the large motor unit recruitment that the exercises demand and increased time under tension.

To perform this great assistance exercise you’ll need two kettlebells of the same weight, two resistance bands, and a Barbell. You’ll secure the band through the handle of the kettlebell and then drape the open end to each end of the barbell. You’ll want to make sure they are in the same place on both sides. Next, get under the barbell as if you are setting up for a back squat and have someone assist you in pressing the Barbell overhead. Then engage your abs, pull your ribcage in, press out your arms, and begin walking. Not only will this improve shoulder stability if done properly, but it is also an ab burner. Enjoy! 💪

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