5 Ways to Be More Confident in Your Decisions


Overanalyzing every decision you make is a terrible habit to fall into that we’re all guilty of. If you feel uncertain about choosing, guess what? You’ll just keep thinking about it.

The first step is taking control.

This week, take advantage of your ability to make better decisions. Instead of overthinking every detail, possibility and outcome, learn when to trust your gut.

Don’t Sweat It
This week, cut the small, time-sucking decisions from your routine. Plan your meals and outfits the night before and allow yourself to focus on more critical tasks.

Struggling with a particularly difficult problem? Step away from it and try something else, because racking your brain will only increase stress and decrease productivity.

Just Go
Do you overanalyse even the smallest decisions? Stop waiting and make the first move. There will always be opportunities to adjust along the way.

Remember Your Why
Write down the best decision you’ve ever made. Put it somewhere visible, such as on your nightstand or bathroom mirror. Remind yourself of the choices that brought you to where you are today.

Practice Happiness
Jot down the top three uplifting things that happened today. Do this for three days and take note of your increased ability to see the positive side of every situation.​

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