4 Simple Steps to Meal Prep Success

If you’re looking for a way to save time, money, eat healthier and squeeze workouts, meal times and cooking into an already busy schedule, let meal prep come to your rescue. Spending a few extra minutes in advance of the week to prep meals for the week saves you time, money and sanity while helping you eat healthier, too. Sign you up? We knew you’d be down!
trust the process


YOUR LIFE WON’T CHANGE IN A DAY, WEEK OR MONTH. BE PATIENT, IT TAKES TIME – FOCUS ON THE PROCESS NOT THE RESULTSIn weight loss, the result is often the weight on the scales and a lot of people (MOST PEOPLE) become obsessed/disappointed/disheartened if they place their focus on this. Instead, you should be focusing on the process. You’ve probably…

WHO 12-Week Challenge – Emily

Hi Reps was lucky enough to be a part of Emily’s WHO 12-Week Transformation Challenge. In her 12-Week Challenge entry last year, Emily told @WHOmagazine how her light had dimmed as her weight crept up. After dropping an amazing 11kg, Emily has regained her zest for life. We can see your sparkle. Fantastic work, Emily! ****Emily took part in our regular…