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YOUR LIFE WON’T CHANGE IN A DAY, WEEK OR MONTH. BE PATIENT, IT TAKES TIME – FOCUS ON THE PROCESS NOT THE RESULTSIn weight loss, the result is often the weight on the scales and a lot of people (MOST PEOPLE) become obsessed/disappointed/disheartened if they place their focus on this.

Instead, you should be focusing on the process. You’ve probably heard us coaches say ‘TRUST THE PROCESS’ more than once. However, I don’t feel this is sinking in with many of you. It seems like you are after a quick fix and think you need to be losing 1-2kgs per week, I am sorry to inform you but this isn’t practical or healthy.

HEY, I am not saying it can’t be done. Of course, you can jump on to these crazy/non-safe/unhealthy meal plans. You can opt for a super low calorie diet, change your nutritious meals for sugar/chemical loaded meal replacements, make your train yourself into the ground, suffer from little/restless sleep, feeling drained, exhausted and unmotivated and as soon as you finish these crazy diets, start eating more food etc you will put the weight back on and most prob more.

Our method with PROJECT YOU is a safe, reliable and the healthy way (THIS IS A FAT LOSS PLAN, NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN) – not only do we have these clients dropping fat each week, (0.3kg might seem like nothing to you but if you are consistently having these results – over 10 weeks that’s a total of 3kgs!!!!) but we are teaching you new skills/exercises each week to encourage you to learn about the foods you are putting in your mouths, that reducing your food intake is not always the best option in dropping weight, that your energy output is just as important if you want the results, you have the energy to get your results, are getting quality sleep and not being restricted on what foods you enjoy (who want’s to eat chocolate or ice cream each day? Hell, I know I want to if in moderation).

So back to the process – What we mean by you should be focusing on the process as it is this that will make you get the results, have you:

-Followed your meal plan? Meal prepped?
-Been drinking enough water?
-Slept ok?
-Followed your training program?
-Been active outside your training program (10000 steps daily)?
-Managed your stress levels?

Focus on these things and the results will come!

It doesn’t mean that your results are not important, however, if you don’t place emphasis on nailing the process, how can you expect the results?

Food for thought!
Coach D

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