Making the most of your time


Trust me. I understand busy schedules. In fact, many of the members here at Hi Reps Fitness joined because they needed a more efficient workout that didn’t require them to be in the gym for hours at a time.
That’s why I’ve put together this list of ways you can make your time at Hi Reps, Rouse Hill as productive as possible.

While you enjoy coming in to train, there are some days when overtime, work, studies, family issues and things derail even your best efforts.
A good way to stay on track is to get into the habit of coming in at the same time on the same days. Once you’ve created this habit, it becomes automatic. You’ll find yourself coming in regardless of whats going on in the outside world. And in all honesty, those days that seem roughest are the days you need to be here the most.
You will feel better just being here, around coaches and members that support you, and if you have handled the WOD, you know you can handle anything else the world has to offer.

If you’re serious about hitting goals, it’s critical to track your progress. And I don’t mean stepping on the scale every morning and completely freaking out if you’ve gained or lost.
You’ll be gaining muscle while you’re losing fat which doesn’t always result in seeing a lower number on the scale, but you will be stronger, leaner and more athletic.
Make sure you log in and use Zen planner to score your WODs and keep track of your lifts. You’ll be amazed a year from now how far you’ve come.

I know many of you have places to go right after the WOD. You rush in and rush out. I totally understand. You are busy. But this time here is your time. No one benefits from it other than you, well and whoever else may get to enjoy the fruits of your labour 😉
You know a little extra mobility work never hurts, and when you do it with some of the other members here, you may find there are some pretty cool people here and you’ll build friendships that transcend the WODs. That is what we are about, great workouts and an awesome community.

It’s ok to admit that you feel a little intimidated to ask for help.
But don’t be! This is what we, the coaches and staff are here for, for you. Everyone starts out in the same place, as a beginner. Everyone knows how hard it is, so ask one of the coaches, or the other members. Every one of us is willing to help. We’ve all been in the same spot and later on, after you’ve been here a while, you can pay it forward by helping out someone new as well.

Are you the type to drink too much coffee or only drink water when you’re feeling really thirsty or maybe you like to chug the majority of your day’s water intake right before and after a WOD? Well, you might want to change that and here’s why.
Feeling thirsty and having dry mouth indicates that you are already dehydrated. Dehydration can reduce the volume of blood pumped by the heart which means less oxygen to the muscles which often results in premature fatigue. And if you try to quick fix your dehydration by drinking lots of fluid right before class it can cause bloating and cramping. The WODs are hard enough without making them harder.

You should sleep more. Sleep is one of those things like air, water and food. You need it to survive.
You need it even more if you want gains.
Sleep enhances recovery. We know we make gains during rest, not working out, so sleep is the biggest rest you need.
Lack of sleep puts more stress on your CNS which you pretty much need for focus and concentration and fine motor skills. Wonder why you missed that last snatch? Get a good nights sleep to ponder it, and I’ll guarantee you’ll hit it tomorrow.

Anyway here are a few tips to think about and implement hope it helps. 💪👊😊
Coach 😀

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