Delicious garlic butter chicken with veggies

Healthy and one of the main go-to protein sources, chicken goes well with so many foods. Not surprisingly, Chicken+vegetables is a great choice to have either as a pre-workout meal as fuel or after-workout for recovery. Easy, hassle-free and nutritious! What you will need: 520g uncrumbed chicken breast schnitzel 80g butter 4 garlic cloves, crushed 1 bunch broccolini, trimmed, halved…

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Kids Health & Fitness Myths

Can you name which of the following statements is false? ● Children need to play some type of sport to stay physically healthy ● It is important children exercise hard enough ● Strength training might stunt children’s growth Well, turns out all of them are! We all know to get our children to stay active and off the couch has…

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5 habits preventing you from losing weight

There are few things as frustrating as trying to lose weight but not being able to. We all want to look good and feel at ease with our bodies, not to mention staying fitter and healthier to do activities we enjoy and carry on with our daily routine and tasks. Moreover, this carries over to our mental wellbeing and our…


Tasty black beans chilli

Black beans are awesome plant-based food. Not only do they fill you up easily, but at 15 gram of protein per serving, they are an amazing source of this muscle-building nutrient Additional benefits? Plenty! These legumes provide incredible health benefits such as less bloating, lower bad cholesterol levels, protection for your bones and healthier blood pressure levels due to potassium….

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Getting back to training

It is no secret that falling off the fitness wagon can be an unpleasant and ultimately demotivating experience for you. Maybe you had worked out for one, three, six months or one, two, three or more years before stopping. Maybe it’s been six months, six years, a decade or more since you last worked out. Regardless of the time-lapse, getting…